Where does communication start?

Communication is a funny thing. On one hand we must do it; whether it’s on the most basic level and need to be done or more involved and going out of our way level. Communication also comes in many forms: physical, verbal, mental and as well can be done with a variety of elements. In the old days communication was even handled via smoke signals, drums, yelling (vocal noises). However, in todays times communication has become a more complex element especially in business with sales and marketing and their many varieties of possibilities.

As complex, necessary, used and useful Communication is, there are still only two variables that matter to focus on when honing in on the power and function of ways to communicate. 1 - the conversations we have with other. 2 - the conversations we have with ourselves. Both means of communication are important and the later can be viewed as the more important. Yet, both need to have the same quality and basic formula to make them efficient. And by efficient, I mean that they formulate win-win situations, open doors of opportunity and possibility, move things progressively moving forward, help to ask the right questions to formulate the best answers geared for achieving a goal.

1 - The conversations we have with others whether they are dialogues or monologues don’t make a difference because both are used to gain an end result. Communication’s main focus should be on what the objective is and then finding the best communicative tools to arrive at the desired results. Communication is by far the most valuable tool we have. As humans we have the highest level of communication power and possibilities, yet we don’t use it.

2 - The conversations we have with ourselves can be viewed as the most valuable means of communication simply because all communication with others starts within ourselves. The thoughts that run through our minds before we speak, present or engage in a conversation of any sort start in our own heads.

There are many reasons why people don’t like to communicate or haven’t taken the time to study the tools, techniques or tips and tricks to make it easier and more efficient - FEAR. Fear of being seen, lack of confidence of being heard, uncomfortable with who they think they are, fear of rejection or being unacceptable or good enough in a different language or the information of what they speak of… the list is endless. However, all of this can be changed. And it all starts with the conversations you have with yourself.

Building confidence starts with what you tell yourself and how you see things and yourself in the outside world. It’s starts with your perception and what you think of things and yourself. Of which any of it can at any point be changed, adjusted, tweaked… Simply by starting to tell yourself different things by interpreting the conversations you already have with yourself as something else.

Confidence on in a variety means is the main killer for presentation gone bad, negotiations failing and deals lost…. It’s the setup, the previous communication we have about it and ourselves doing it that drives the results.

Hopefully, this little perspective on communication has opened your mind to a new way of seeing how to make communicating better, where it starts and how fear gets caught in the net of good communication. Change your perception, change your thoughts - changes your results. 

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